Remote Monitoring for Audio-Visual Systems

LonCloud is a cloud based Remote Monitoring Service for Medialon controlled AV installations.

It monitors status and critical data like lamp life or errors in audio-visual devices such as projectors, video servers, video conference systems, DSPs, and so on.

LonCloud can be set up to send alarms via email when data reaches a critical threshold value and offers a diagnosis tool to compare data values over time or run statistics.

The service is sold per controllers monitored, up to 30 variables per controller. Additional monitored variables can be added by batch of 30. There is no limit in the number of users per account.


LonCloud displays your data in easy to read graphical charts so you can analyze various variables and compare the values across time, making it easy to spot correlations like projector temperature and lamp failures.

Charts can be stretched to zoom in to detailed data or zoom out to spot general trends.


Thresholds can be set for each of the monitored variables and event alarms are emailed to technicians.

For example: When "lamp remaining life time" is less than "24 hours", send alarm to "".


LonCloud permanently stores all data it receives, for the entire history of the controllers that send it, and the data can be downloaded to perform deeper analytics using your own offline tools.

No Costly Infrastructure to Set Up

LonCloud is delivered via Software as a Service.

We take care of all the monitoring infrastructure costs (servers, networking equipment, storage, power).

  • No upfront costs - just pay monthly for the devices you monitor.
  • No systems to maintain.
  • Free upgrades
  • Month-to-month - cancel if your needs change.


For maximum security, Medialon controllers initiate an outbound connection to the LonCloud server; there is no inbound connection to the local site. Data sent to the server, as well as data read from the server, are encrypted using an SSL certificate.